Pr-8. Consume data with Power BI and How to build a simple dashboard.

Advantages of dashboards

Dashboards are a wonderful way to monitor your business and see all of your most important metrics at a glance. The visualizations on a dashboard can come from one underlying dataset or many, and from one underlying report or many.

A dashboard isn’t just a pretty picture. It’s highly interactive and the tiles update as the underlying data changes.

Creating a Dashboard in PowerBI

In this step-by-step, I have imported one of the Power BI sample datasets and use it to create our new dashboard. The sample we use is an Excel workbook with two PowerView sheets. When Power BI imports the workbook, it adds a dataset and a report to your workspace. The report is automatically created from the PowerView sheets.

Move to the reports tab of Power BI. To analyse data for specific attributes from different tables, we create reports from those specific chosen attributes. In this dashboard, I will be creating various visualizations for different fields and it will be shown in the reports tab of Power BI.

Steps to create a Simple Dashboard in PowerBI:

  1. Download the Procurement Analysis sample Excel file and saved it in your local drive
  2. From the nav pane, select My Workspace and then select Get Data.

3. Under Files, select Get.

4. Then import the excel file.

5. Then open the Report file and click on edit.

6. Hover over a visualization to reveal the options available. To add a visualization to a dashboard, select the pin icon

7. Because we’re creating a new dashboard, select the option for New dashboard and give it a name.

Power BI opens the new dashboard. It has one tile: the visualization you just pinned.

Select another chart.

Instead of pinning one visual at a time, you can pin an entire report page. Let’s do it. When the Pin to dashboard window appears, select Existing dashboard.

After the Success message appears, select Go to dashboard. There you see the tiles you pinned from the report. In the example below, we’ve pinned two tiles from page one of the report and one live tile, which is page two of the report.

So this was the simple dashboard created. Thank You!




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